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Imperfect People - Imperfect People in love with a perfect God

Top posts for 2012

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I can’t think of anything clever or alluring to say here so let’s just go ahead and list what you clicked here for mmm-kay?

The top posts for 2012 on Imperfect people are as follows:

#10 This is a little…uncomfortable

#9 If as first you don’t succeed (or get laughed at)

#8 Losing your life

#7 Im an Imperfect Christian

#6 Where is God when bad things happen

#5) 17 Cheap and romantic date ideas

#4) To all the Imperfect Ladies

#3 A personal story of love and loss through Adoption

On a side note: So proud of my sweet friend Bessie for sharing her story, well God’s story written in her life. And I’m so glad you liked it too. Her newest addition became OFFICIALLY a part of their family just before Christmas!! WOO HOO!!

#2) Kisses from Katie

Love this story. I want to be her BFF really bad.

And your #1 favorite post this past year from Imperfect people??…… Drum roll in the form of the Griswold family please…..

#1 Following a Rock Star

I’m not gonna lie I think people google it with totally a totally different idea in mind but, hey, whatever works.

In other “imperfect news” Facebook “likes” went up a lot this year to a current total of 733 which I’m pretty pumped about

And don’t forget “imperfect People T shirts are still available!

Happy New years to my perfectly imperfect friends!

myWPEdit Image

myWPEdit Image

They are $15 each and 50% of all proceeds go to charity (this month they go to IJM)


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