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Pre-Christmas De-cluttering

In preparations for the upcoming big day we have been doing some serious de-cluttering around here. It feels so good to know that so much STUFF that was either un-needed or un-loved now has a new home. Making more room for what we do enjoy and making room for new gifts.

It started ilke this:

myWPEdit Image

And ended like this:

(pictured is the donate pile)

myWPEdit Image

The “sell” box ended up being the “attic” box. Inspired by the book Simplicity Parenting. I try to keep a limited number on the amount of toys out at a time. I rotate them periodically so they have all “new” toys!

I did however list several items on eBay and came out with about $170!

I just dropped off two additional huge bags of clothes to a local charity that donates to those in need. And had at least 2 big bags of broken toys and extra paperwork that were just straight up trash.

“I thank God for the things I do not own” -Saint Teresa of Avila

Having less clutter means we appreciate what we do have and gives us more space to LIVE.

And it couldn’t come at a better time!

Do you have a designated “de-cluttering” time?  Do you love a clean closet as much as I do?  

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  • rebmoorewilliams says:

    I’m ready to do this- next week.  New year, fresh start, etc.  Enjoying some quiet, restful (with 3 busy little ones!) time and then plan to jump in next week and clean house, de-clutter, put up the Christmas decorations, etc.

    December 29, 2012 at 2:12 pm

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