I am an ImPeRfEcT Christian

I know how I am SUPPOSED to live, but a lot of times I miss the mark.

I know what I am SUPPOSED to say, but often I say what I want instead. 

What others want doesn’t always come before what I want.

I love spending time with Jesus…but often I’m “too busy.”

I like to be liked. I’m a people pleaser and not always a God pleaser. 

I sometimes think my “kingdom” is more important than God’s kingdom.

I have two ears and one mouth but often I would rather talk than listen. 

I tell God I will go wherever and do whatever he leads…and then list my exceptions.

I see “Advanced Christians” becoming missionaries, and selling all their possessions and then I see my “Remedial Christianity” who can hardly overcome the temptation of cake!

Then the Lord whispers, “Congratulations, you are ordinary and I can use you.”

He doesn’t want me to be perfect he just wants me to be available. 

I am here Lord, to be used by you.  Take what you will of this messy, unorganized, and unspiritual person and make me into something you can use for your kingdom. 

Use my imperfect words to speak your truth, use my imperfect home to welcome in guests, and use my imperfect faith to show how truly amazing you are. 

Thinking we have to have the bible memorized before we share our faith, means our faith will never be shared.

Thinking we have to be advanced Christians to do something awesome, means we will take a back seat and never see God do anything great through us. 

Trying to make ourselves “good enough” to make a difference will never happen.  God thinks that we are good enough today, just as we are.  

We are works in progress that will never be complete this side of heaven.  In the mean time, let’s dive in, get our hands dirty and enjoy the fulfilled life He promises!

I love you imperfect people! 

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