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Imperfect People - Imperfect People in love with a perfect God

Following a rock star

When Jesus walked the earth…He was kinda like a rockstar.  Not just because of the miracles or teachings.  This short history lesson opens up a whole new understanding on WHY the disciples  left everything to follow this guy from Nazareth.

In Jesus’ day most young Jewish boys aspired to be rabbis.  Rabbis were the most honored and respected people anywhere.  Children started off in school learning the Torah.  By age 10 children who made the cut had MEMORIZED the torah, (yes that means ALL of the first 5 books of the bible). 

Only the best of the best continued on to the next level of schooling where the entire Hebrew scripture was memorized.  Genesis-Malachi, MEMORIZED. 

Only the best of the best made it through this level of schooling, By the age of 16 the few that had made it this far applied to apprentice under a Rabbi.  The Rabbis would grill them with questions, to decide,
Is this kid good enough to do what I do?
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Most didn’t make the cut.  Most of the young men didn’t make it far enough to apprentice under a Rabbi, much less be chosen.  Those who didn’t make the cut were learning the family trade. 

All 12 of Jesus’ disciples were doing ordinary trade jobs…which means…they didn’t make the cut to become Rabbis. 

They weren’t qualified to follow a rabbi, Yet a rabbi came up to them and said “follow me.” 

It is much like a young band practicing in their parent’s garage  having the Rolling Stones walk by and say, “Would you like to go on tour with us?”


He says not just come follow me, but “I think you are good enough to do what I do.”

And he not only said that to his disciples he says that to his “future disciples meaning you and me.  That means us!! Yes the king of the universe thinks we are good enough to do go make more disciples!  He says we made the cut!  

But I’m not spiritual enough
But I don’t know all the answers
But I am not good enough

Having faith in Jesus is important but what about Jesus faith in us?  He must have faith in us, he tells us to “go make disciples of all nations” 

We are all missionaries right where we are standing.  Wherever you are today is your current mission field.  Spread his word, befriend the friendless, show mercy when it is unexpected and most of all LOVE.

Your are loaded with potential because you are loaded with Jesus! 

We can change the world if we fully grasp that we are following a rock star!!  What an amazing and honorable position we have!!! 

The gates of hell should tremble in fear when our feet hit the floor in the morning! 

Jesus is the most famous name in all the earth.  The calendar changed from BC to AD when he was born. He is the biggest phenomenon to ever cross the horizon!  He is a miracle maker, the only one ever qualified to be a savoir, and the only god to raise from the dead. 

And he says to us today, “Come follow me”  

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