Can I be honest for a second?

I don’t have it all together.  I am pretty sure it is impossible for me to read instructions.  I dive into everything and ask questions later.  My house is rarely never spotless, I am only marginally crafty, my children sometimes drive me bananas, and I am not largely talented in any particular area.

I am ordinary.  Yet perfectly created by a God that doesn’t make mistakes, and I have a feeling I am not the only ordinary person out there.

The reason I started this blog is because everywhere I go I noticed we are ALWAYS comparing ourselves!   People always think other people are smarter, better parents, better spouses, better employers, and more spiritual.  

We compare what we see of others on the outside against what we know to be true about ourselves on the inside.  

We all have different gifts and weaknesses. Everyone God used in the Bible was an unlikely source.  He is in the buisness of making beauty from our mess.

 We are not supposed to have it all together, so let’s be real already! What you will find here:

Embracing our imperfections
Trying to make a difference in this world and put feet to our faith
Being frugal because living simply allows us to give generously
Imperfect people’s testimonies 

 About the author:

Imperfect Person

I lived as a wild child in high school and in college.  I used to think Christians were all stuffy boring people not allowed to have fun.  In college I thought a guy would complete me.  Then I met the only man who could ever truly complete me, his name is Jesus.

 Shortly after that Jesus introduced me to a man that would model his love to me everyday here on earth, his name is Bryan.  Bryan taught me you can have fun AND be a Christain.  Who knew??!!   He is a keeper.  We have been married for eight years and have the cutest little girls you have ever seen (I’m only a little partial).  You can read my full testimony here

On the non-spiritual side:  I am a former junk food addict turned into one of those green freaks that used to get on my nerves. I do weird things like cloth diaper my kids, garden organicaly, make my own laudry detergent and other tree hugging type adventures, but don’t worry I still take showers and eat cheetos.

My husband still likes junk food. I still like him.

I love to dance, laugh, meet new people and hear their stories.  I am all about living simply, getting back to basics, and realizing how much we have instead of wanting more.  I’m not a perfect christian, homemaker, mom, or wife And I’m officially over pretending.

Imperfect family

These posts  are my hearbeat:

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What does God think of Imperfect People
What’s it all about?

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