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300+ ways to be a blessing to others

If someone had to describe the way I treat my family and friends what would they say?  I want to live intentionally making every moment of this life count.  But it is certainly easy to get caught up in day to day and not make time to live intentionally.  

I want to be an encouragement to those around me, especially my family.  But where to start?

If you are like me, a little help is always nice.

Passionate Homemaking posted these 7 amazing links with enough ideas and encouragement to last years!

Ideas for your family, small group, kids, etc.


15 Little Ways to Bless Your Husband
12  Ways to Love Your Husband Without Saying A Word
Take the 30 Day Husband Encouragement Challenge
Reaching Out to the World from Your Doorstep
100 Ways to be Kind to Your Child
100 Ways to Have Fun with Your Kids
100 Ways for Your Family to Make a Difference

I “pinned” these for future reference.  Have fun living intentionally and being a blessing!  

IMG 4004

A glimpse into my “perfect” day

We were stuck at home all day on a rainy Saturday.  No real plans, just a family day at home.

Running through my mind were all those blogs that talk about their blissfully perfect family time where they all laugh in joyous harmony together as they play games and make cookies.

As soon as my feet hit the floor that morning I was excited about a “perfect” family day together.

Our day started with a few errands, only to realize my car had a flat tire.  My husband was stuck having to fix that while the kids and I took his car on our errands.

Then the rain started.

I UBBER excited about the opportunity to guest post today at Sisters in bloom. 

Please follow me over there for the rest of the story. 

Sisters in Bloom

Favorites & Reflections on 2011

A whole year has passed and what do I have to show for it?  Have I learned anything?  What were the best parts?

Thanks to Simple mom and Sorta crunchy for a little inspiration. I sat on our back porch enjoying our fabulous spring like southern December to reflect on the past year.

A phrase or statement that describes 2011 for me is:

Developing an attitude of gratefulness.  Learning to love what I have instead of wanting more.  Viewing my “problems” through a different lens and realizing how much I am blessed.

What I learned:

The biggest thing I learned in 2011 is:
God is 100% all the time in control (not me).  He knows what is best for my life even when I disagree.

What is a new found passion?
De-cluttering!  Stuff is just stuff.  I would much rather have room to play!

I am most inspired by?
Bryan (the hubs)  I have never met anyone more self-motivated, always growing. always wanting to be better and always kind.

Something I am proud of?
My baby brother graduating college, and Hannah learning to write her name.

Something new I tried this year?
I am getting pretty creative and experimental in the kitchen.  I have made my own yogurt, canned salsa, jelly etc., and grew my own sprouts.

Mistakes I would rather not repeat:
Locking my keys in my car (more than once), trying to catch the kitchen on fire by making popcorn the good ole fashion way, and getting the stomach bug (arguably un-preventable but still no fun).


Best books I read this year:
Radical, and Simplicity parenting

My current favorite song:
Father of love

Favorite internet time waster:

Favorite movie:
Annie.  Yes fromt the 80’s.  Hannah and I are watching it and I am remincing my childhood.  LOVE IT!

Blog related:
Most inspiring testimony shared here in 2011:
Kisses from Katie

My favorite post:
No judgment

Readers favorite post:
I’m an imperfect Christian

Favorite pics this year:

Family picture in Kansas City this fall

Girls on the swingset laughing hysterically. Ava is wearing a bathing suit over her clothes too. Nice touch.

My granddad, mom, me, and the girls. 4 generations all together at my cousins wedding.

What were your 2011 highlights?

Starting over

I have finally and sort-of successfully converted this blog to a word press!


-Because it is 100 million times easier to edit, much more friendly to the search engines, and it is self hosted!


It was a pain and a lot was lost.


Over the next two weeks I will be re-posing several of the top posts.  Hopefully this will be a fun reminder of the “good stuff” for some and a highlight reel for others.

Comments were lost so dropping a line would make me your very best-est friend!  

P.S.  a BIG thank you to bluehost for going above and beyond to help me with the change!  And Tent Blogger for suggesting them!

Misheard Christmas Music lyrics

Who doesn’t need a good reason to laugh?  I will never forget the belly laugh i had after i realized in the song “footloose” when he says, “I’m burning, yearning, for some…” that he wasn’t actually saying, “I’m burning, yearning, coleslaw” 

Who knew? 

Well here is a list of HILAIOULS misheard Christmas lyrics. I hope you laugh as much as I did! 

Deck the halls with Buddy Holly
Fa la la la la, la la la la

mis heard Christmas Lyrics

Have a holly jolly Christmas, It’s the best time of the year.
I’ll don’t know if there’ll be snow, But have a cup of cheese. 

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,
Jingle all the way
OH what fun it is to ride
With one horse, soap, and hay. 

Joy to the world!
The Lord has gum. 

Santa Clause is coming to town:
He’s making a list
Of chicken and rice
Gonna find out who’s naughty or nice. 

On the twelfth day of Christmas,
tulip sent to me:
Twelve drummers drumming,
Eleven pipers piping,
Ten lawyers leaving,
Nine lazy Hansons,
Eight maids-a-milking,
Seven warts on women,
Six geezers laying
Five Golden rings
Four calling birds
Three french hens
Two turttle doves
And a cartridge in a pantry

Later on we’ll count spiders
As we drink by the fire
To change and appraise
The plans that we made
Walkin in a winter wonderland

Adolf the other Reindeer…used to laugh and call him names.

Frosty the Snowman is a ferret elf they say

Now bring us some friggin’ pudding…


Hahahaha Heheheh….breath…I am laughing so hard.

Hey Imperfect friends have you ever mis-heard a song lyric?  Whether Christmas or not, Please share! Tags: funny,misheard,quotes,christmas

Top posts for 2010

Imperfect People is almost 6 months old!  Although we only have since August to reflect, it is still fun to look back to see what you liked the best!  So here are your favorite post each month for 2010:

August: An unplanned pregnancy and a beautiful story

September: De-cluttering 101

October: Coconut Oil, A miracle food?

November: Fair trade coffee

December: Homemade Christmas


Looking forward, I am beside myself in excitement about the upcoming week.  It will be the first ever “week of testimonies”  Over the past several weeks I have been in contact with some really amazing people all of whom have agreed to share what God has done in their life.

Every story is unique, captivating, and inspiring. 

If you don’t subscribe yet.  Now is the time to do so!  You don’t want to miss a single story! 

P.S.  There is still time left to enter to win the coffee, tea, and chocolate giveaway!

Debt Free and loving it

I have my first guest post today! I made a wonderful friend in the “blogging world” named Emily.  Emily has a really cool blog about how her and her family have step by step remodeled their home.  Embracing simplicity and beauty all along the way.  They have done it all DEBT FREE (after working their way out of a pile of debt) and that is what I am writting about today on her blog.   So CHECK IT OUT