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Seasons of life

I wish you could hear the birds outside singing and smell the sweet air as I enjoy the screen door open on this beautiful spring morning. 
In a few months summer will bring its long hot days and it will soon be hard to even remember cool mornings and barren trees. 
But just as the seasons come and go so do seasons of our life. 
I recently met a friend who gave me priceless parenting advice.  She simply said,  “There is so much time before and after your kids are young to do all you want to do, enjoy the time when they are little, it is a short season of life.”
I realize this is not revolutionary information, but for me it was a simple reminder that we all have SEASONS of life. 
When we were newly weds and bought our first home I had a season of DIY and crafts. I painted everything I got my hands on and tried my best to fix everything with a glue gun. 
When we had two children in less than two years we were in survival season.  I honestly don’t remember much about those early months with both babies, but we made it through so I am considering that a good season. 
Currently our girls are two and four and I LOVE this stage.  They are a little more independent and sooo IMAGINATIVE.  I love watching our living room be transformed to a ball for a princess to dance or a doctors office for sick stuffed animals.
Today I rarely do any house hold projects, and I no longer have infants to care for, BUT I am cooking much more than I used to and working part time.
You canot be everything you want to be all in one season of life.  Give yourself grace remembering that your responsiblities change, your passions change, and God always places you in the right place at the right time. 
Seasons will come and go despite my efforts to make them stand still or rush them along. 
All I can do is BE PRESENT.  My life is taking place right before my eyes.  I can view my season and think it is not all I want or I can realize all i have and “stop to smell the flowers”
Wherever you are today I hope you have time to take in some spring and be thankful for your current season of life. 
Tell me about your season of life?
  • Mary gemmill says:

    You have two beautiful daughters- such a precious gift from God- it is lovely to hear you say you will make the most of this season- because it really does pass in the blink of an eye- and suddenly they are grown and gone and there is lots of life still left to do so many things that are not possible when you choose to be a stay- home Mum working just part-time-you will never regret this!
    I am now in the last few years of working, with children long gone, but I have had a passion for working with teens since I was one, so have been ” Mum” to 39 over 35 years. However when i turned 60 2 years ago I realized it was season change time- God said that as I work in a high school with teens all day- it is okay to come home to a quiet empty home to recharge batteries !!
    All seasons are precious- the one that seems even harder than when we have young ones under foot- it the old-age rest-home years. Mum has been in one for 18mths and hates it vehemently.
    She has her faculties- but her dear Hubby [ they married at 72+73 now 88+89]= cannot care for her at home so she must live in a hospital. I can truly say that the attitudes that you have formed through life either make like bearable or miserable in this season- being bitter and resentful makes it horrid, but those with a cheery outlook make the most of it.
    You did ask? !! God Bless you and your dear family. Mary, New Zealand

    March 27, 2012 at 1:49 am
    • Katie @ Imperfect People says:

      Wow!  A friend from New Zealand!  Thank you so much for your comment!  I love hearing from women with adult children.  You have so much to teach us new mothers!  Thank you so much!


      March 28, 2012 at 1:08 pm

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