Posted on 26. September 2011


Several years ago Jesus said “come follow me.” After looking at the mess I made of doing life my way, I happily jumped at the chance to go on an amazing journey with the God of the universe.  He promised a truly abundant life where I would never have to search again for meaning or belonging.  In a modern version of our story Jesus and I are on a road trip.  But I’m afraid I am a terrible backseat driver. 

I keep telling Him to turn when He should go straight, I keep asking, “What’s next?  Are we there yet?  What time is it?  What’s the next stop?  Can I see a map?  Are you sure you know where we are going? I really think I should drive instead.” 

 And if that wasn’t annoying enough I have a TON of luggage.  I brought a duffle bag full of worry, a suitcase of insecurity, three bags of selfishness and we are pulling a trailer behind full of fear. 

It’s heavy, it’s a burden, and it’s so much less than what He is offering me. 

road trip

I just returned from a walk to Emmaus.  An amazing journey where I saw the face of Jesus in so many ways. I learned God loves me more than I can possibly imagine

It sounds trite.  We have heard forever that Jesus loves us.  But I don’t think I knew that Jesus loved the REAL me.  Sure he loves the me that seems put together.  But could he possibly love the me that gets horribly impatient when I’m in a hurry?  Me that is selfish?  The me that secretly wishes really bad things to happen to Barney the dinosaur?  (sorry he is annoying).  The messy, unorganized, and forgetful me? 

Believe it or not he does.  HE MADE ME IN HIS IMAGE.  Despite as often as I forget this, and think I know better. The designer knows best how to care for his design. 

He knows where we are going on this journey, I don’t.  He knows what stops we will make, I don’t.  I keep trying to take control but the truth is I never had it anyway. 

He only asks me to trust. 

He’s got this. 

It’s time for me to toss out the luggage, sit back, crank up the radio, and enjoy the trip. Thankful that I know no matter what the next stop holds, I am in very good hands on this journey.

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