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H2O mop product review

I know this is a step away from my normal posts but I just had to let you know I am totally digging my H2O mop. 

I know, I know, how much can you love a mop right?  But seriously I have quite a story.  We had ours for about a year when all of a sudden it died.  I was super bummed, I figured I was out of luck so we bought a shark brand (which I totally do NOT recommend…thank you to Lowes for taking it back no questions asked).

I then figured I would call the company and let them know what happened hoping they would have pity on me.  Turns out there was a recall (which has now been fixed) and they sent me a brand new one for free!!   While I was waiting on the arrival of my new mop I used the Clorox push mop.  It works fine but doesn’t hold a candle to the h2O mop. 

It uses nothing but water to steam away dirt.  Gets our floors cleaner than any thing else I have ever used.  And you can even use it on carpet.  No they are not paying me to say this!

It came in the mail today!  I didn’t realized how much I appreciate it until I was without it for several weeks.  I got out my iPod out and danced around until our floors have never been cleaner.  If you need a mop,  I give it two enthusiastic thumbs up! 

Check them out here.

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