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Imperfect People - Imperfect People in love with a Perfect God

He makes all things new

Spring is officially here in my neck of the woods and I am down right bubbling over with excitement about it.  The days are longer, the weather is beautiful and my mood is instantly lifted just by stepping outside.

I think it is no coincidence that Jesus Rose in the spring.  This time of year God is making ALL things new.  All creation from dormant plants, hibernating bears, butterflies, and bumblebees all come out of hiding and are infused with new life.


When Jesus died and was buried, it seemed hopeless.  Now he gives hope to millions.  He who was dead now brings us eternal life.  

Just like the butterfly emerges from their former selves.  We too can have new life.  Whatever you want to leave behind, Jesus promises you can be made brand new Revelation 21:5  2Corinthians 5:17

all things new

In every season God is in the business of making all things new.

He used a kid (David) to kill a Giant, a runaway fugitive with a speech impediment (Moses) to free his people from Egypt, a prostitute (Rahab) to carry the lineage of Christ, and a baby born king with parents that were just regular people to change the course of history.

I think sometimes we think our past is “too bad” or “too ugly”  But then I remember…..Ummmm…he OVERCAME DEATH.  There is nothing He cannot overcome.

The same God that transformed the biblical heroes also transformed me and so many others even today.  It is this time of year more than any other I am reminded at how HUGE this is.

Father thank you for making ALL THINGS new.  And having all creation remind us of this miracle every spring.

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Our family this summer

Summertime is in full swing at our house, here is what we are up to:

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Most evenings, after the girls are asleep and the heat of the day has passed, I am outside with a good pair of gardening gloves and my iPod. My tomatoes are doing great but I have been fighting off the slugs on my okra, peppers, and melons.


This time of year there are some super fun yard sales.

I found a beautiful bolt of wavily fabric that will soon be curtains for our bedroom (thanks to a mom that can sew) There were at least 20 yards on the bolt that I got for a total of $5..oh yea


We just got a fabulous little hand-me-down play house. The girls love it! When it’s too hot to play outside I highly recommend Toca Boca games!  myWPEdit Image

Me and the hubs

We just had a great little getaway to Atlanta, went to a concert on the lawn at North Point, and got to have some good conversation thanks to Mark Driscolls book, Real Marriage.

(more on that later)

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Other random news:

One of our favorite girls is moving. She lived with us for a few months last semester and we just fell in love with her. Our “adopted daughter” as we call her, is moving to Atlanta to get her doctorate in psychology.  We are so proud but super bummed she will live so far away.

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We eat a lot of boiled peanuts and watermelon (preferably together)

We are getting new neighbors that have a little girl!!

I am currently reading, “7” by Jen Hatmaker and I LOVE it.

What is your family up to this summer?


So ya wanna have a garden…

Did you know the National Gardening Association estimates an average gardening household experiences a 750% average return on their investment!

That means if you spend $50 getting your garden ready this year you could harvest $375 worth of fresh produce!!

So many people want to have a garden but they don’t know where to start.

I have the super exciting opportunity to guest blog at Sorta Crunchy today where I list several frugal and EASY ways to help ANYONE have a garden.

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