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finding the sparkle again

Finding the sparkle again

After six years of marriage I finally took my ring to the jewelers for a good cleaning, refinishing, and shine.  Wow what a difference it made!  It gradually got dirty so i didn’t notice how bad it got until I saw how beautiful it always was, hiding behind all the “gunk.”

I am not going to get a new ring just because it needed some TLC.  That would be crazy!  Way to expensive and this ring means something to me.  Even if we became millionaires I would always want to wear THIS RING.

I think, just like my ring, we get used to something and accept it at its current state even though we know it could be so much better.  I know several people fighting marital problems.  I’m sure the problems didn’t happen over night but somewhere along the way they happened and now they are putting up with a “grimy, gunky” marriage when it could be so much more.  Should they get a “new one?” No!  Just because it needs some attention, a fresh perspective, and maybe even some expert care, doesn’t mean it isn’t worth saving.  I don’t know everyone’s situation and maybe the “grime” is very thick but at one point there was some sparkle and I believe it is worth doing whatever it takes to find that sparkle again.

We are not perfect but we try very hard to put each others needs above our own.  The book Love & Respect I believe is a must read for all couples.  About how a woman needs love the same way a man needs respect.

One of the best things you can give your children, is a good marriage. 

Marriage is the foundation for the family our culture does very little to support it.  Families are falling apart everywhere we look because very few people are willing to roll up their sleeves and find resources and people to come along side us and encourage a healthy marriage.  If you are facing problems, or (even better) if you just want to be proactive, there are some great resources here and here.  And P.S. the Fireproof move (and book) are AWESOME!

It is worth fighting for.

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  • Bessie says:

    I agree that it is so important to keep our priority of marriage as high as that of our childrens well-being. I have not been reading as much about relationships, but plan on reading about our love languages soon! We’re having date-night tonight and we’re planning on attending a family matters weekend to remember in Feb. on Hilton Head Island! Maybe others want to attend?? It should be fun! Thanks for your blog…I love every entry!

    October 1, 2010 at 8:31 am

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