Posted on 1. November 2011

October Highlights

The weather is getting cooler, the leaves are falling from the trees, pumpkin and cinnamon are on my mind, and I am so excited about fall!


As a family we have had an awesome month! We visited Great Grandma in Kansas City, I planted a fabulous fall garden,  and we have a college student living with us! 

She need a place to stay, and the girls LOVE her.  We love that they love her, and she loves them, so everyone is happy :)  it’s not a permanent thing but it’s great in the mean time! 

october 2011

That’s a quick update on us. 

Here is what YOU liked most in October at Imperfect People

  1. I’m an Imperfect Christian posted in August is still whipping up on all the other posts.  Far and away the most popular post in the year of this blog’s existence.  Who knew?
  2. Kisses from Katie is next.  Oh I loved it too. AMAZING testimony!  Wooza! If you haven’t read it yet you need to fix that immediately. 
  3. Redeeming Halloween came in third

Honorable mentions:

Jesus needs a better advertising campaign I’m kinda passionate about this one so I had to mention it. 


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    Posted on 2. September 2011

    Top posts for August

    It’s the start of a new month and time to take a look back and see what you liked best last month.Top posts for the month of August are:

    1. I’m an Imperfect Christian

    This post is FAR and AWAY the most popular article ever posted in the year since this blog started. 

    Over 3 weeks old and it is still getting comments and being passed around stumble upon.  I am blown away by the amount of people (over 7,000!!) that have come by to visit because of this post.  I believe this is just a testament that we are ALL imperfect people hungry for “permission” to just be the perfectly imperfect people God made us to be! 

    Not a pass to live in sin, but grace that we don’t have to be perfect for God to do AMAZING things through us!!

    Next in line are:

    2. Custom family mission statement poster

    3.  Frugal Natural and fabulous beauty basics

    A few reminders:

    • There is still time to enter to win on the post: “frugal and natural beauty basics
    • Imperfect People T-shirts are for sale:
    • t shirts copy
    • And as always if God has done something amazing in your life and you would like to share your testimony, email me and you might just be featured here at imperfect people!  One of the main goals of this blog is to provide a platform for people to share their story.

    If you are breathing, you are perfectly created for a purpose!  Shine the love of Christ wherever you go and have a wonderful holiday weekend!  Thanks for stopping by!

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    Posted on 1. August 2011

    Top post for the month of July

    Hello my perfectly imperfect friends.  It’s time to recap the most popular posts for the month.

    Two of the top three posts were testimonies.  YAY!  I love it when others are touched by the awesome stories God writes in the life of everyday people. 

    Top posts are as follows:

    1.  Trading Pounds, Stephanie’s story Stephanie’s amazing story of finding her true faith and losing 145lbs! 

    2.  This is not a fairy tale: Heather’s story Heather’s story of redemption and grace in a broken marriage.  Every couple should read! 

    3.  Eating organic...imperfectly not nearly as heartfelt as the first two but some good tips on eating organic and still being practical.


    I don’t really have a picture to go with this post so I figured it was a good time to show of our ridiculously cute kids.  I’m only a little biased. 

    Now it’s your turn.  If you have a blog link us to your most popular post...or feel free to upload a link you have enjoyed lately. 

    Posted on 30. June 2011

    Top posts for the month of June

    At the end of every month I like to list the top viewed posts for the month.  This way you, awesome readers, can have a chance to view the most popular posts and it also gives me a better idea of what you like. 

    In June the top posts were:

    1. Mom Guilt
    2. I want a new type of Christianity that isn’t new at all
    3. Back to basics, making your own laundry detergent


    The winner of the $20 gift card to the Dayspring store is Rebecca.  Thanks to all who entered!

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    Posted on 30. May 2011

    Top posts for the month of May

    First of all, a big THANK YOU to the women who shared their testimony last week in our second ever “week of testimonies!!!” 

    Jennifer started us off with “The mask of a good girl”
    Followed by Lindsey with
    “This little missionary girl all grown up”
    “journey from Islam to the Father”
    and Leslie’s story of
    “pursuing her passion”

    Thank you ladies for sharing what our AWESOME GOD is doing in your life!! 

    Today I am guest posting over at Melissa Brotherton's blog.  So come check it out! 

    We are at the close of May and, as always, I will share the top posts from Imperfect People.  If you have a blog I would LOVE for you to link us to your top post for the month too!  Without further adieu:

    1: Simplicity Parenting and the freedom of LESS 
    We got rid of 70% of our toys and
    Mandy was the winner of the book!!
    The mask of a “good girl” Jennifer’s story
    Go Jennifer!  You did a great job!
    I’m officially OVER IT

    I’m looking forward to reading your most popular post!  As always I love to hear your comments!  Don’t have a blog?  What links have you enjoyed reading lately? 

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    Posted on 1. May 2011

    Top posts for April

    Is it the end of April already?  When did that happen?  Sheesh!  At the end of every month I do a round up of the top few posts (incase you missed it) And they are....

    1. No Judgment (glad you liked it, I had fun with this one)
    2. Our Financial Testimony
    3. I”m officially over it
    4. The Stealing of Innocence, Ophelia’s story

    Here are some link love from other bloggers I have enjoyed lately:

    1. Reaching out to the world from your doorstep
    2. {DIY} Chalkboard Collage Door
    3. Want what you have
    4. A Hope that is ours
    Now it’s your turn!  If you have a blog, link us to your most popular post for April.  I can’t wait to read what you have been writing! 

    Link us to your top post for the month of April



    Posted on 31. March 2011

    Most Popular posts for the month of March

    Incase I don't say it enough THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to each person who stops by the site. Your visits and your comments are so encouraging. I love to hear your feedback so feel free to email me or comment your thoughts good or bad on any post. You are amazing PERFECTLY imperfect people! The top posts for March are:

    1. What does God think of Imperfect People
    2. Grit and Glory Alece Ronzino’s story
    3. Craft Hope.  Crafting with a purpose
    4. Choosing to Cheat

    Now it’s your turn. If you have a blog link us up to your most popular post last month. Can’t wait to read your entries!