Posted on 13. November 2011

Martha Stewart’s daughter and a lesson in PRIORITIES

Martha Stewart, your quintessential homemaker, picture perfect crafter, gourmet chef, amazing hostess, and gardener. 

We all have someone we look up to, and for so many women it is Martha Stewart.   When our days are stressful, dinner is burnt, and the centerpiece we tried to craft for thanksgiving looks more like a preschoolers art project, we close our eyes and think, “How does Martha do it?” 

According to her daughter, while Martha was pretending to be betty homemaker to the world, she ignored her own family. 

"If I didn't do something perfectly, I had to do it again," writes her daughter. "I grew up with a glue gun pointed at my head." source

1B1BE895 Photo credit

She goes on to say "There was never anything to eat at my house," and despite Martha’s seemingly love for the holidays, her daughter said she was quite “humbug” about them in reality. 

While Martha was pretending to be perfect, her own daughter suffered.  I’m not trying to dog on Martha, she was running a successful TV 'show and magazine, writing cookbooks and who knows all of her other million obligations, there is now way she could DO IT ALL. 

She was never designed to DO IT ALL.

This my friends, is point of Imperfect People.

So many are wearing the masks of  “I have it all together” when families are falling apart. 

When the stress of the world tells us to go here, do that ,and be the leader of this, we have to KNOW what it is we are designed to do and don’t apologize for saying no to something that doesn’t fit into the mission God has given us. 

How do you know your mission?

List out your top 5 priorities.  The things that take up the majority of your time, talent, and treasure.  If all else fades,  if money didn’t matter, cross out your obligations one by one until you are left with the TWO that are most important.

Go ahead write them down.

What are you left with?

Hopefully it is family and faith. 

Of course we cannot ignore those other three priorities but i hope that shed light on the things that TRULY matter. 

Another way to help decide your mission is discovering what are you passionate about.   What gets you up in the morning and gets you excited? What are your gifts talents? 

Once you know what is most important, develop a family mission statement.  Deciding what is most important as a family helps you to say NO to the good opportunities so you can say YES to the best opportunities.  Example here.

mission statement

Martha Stewart has talents no doubt, and I don’t think it is wrong that she had a successful career using those talents.  I just think she may have lost sight of what is MOST important. 

While loving the Lord with all our hearts is the MOST important, I believe family certainly comes way before career, hobbies, and fame and fortune. 

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Posted on 25. October 2011

Faith like a child

We just got back from a trip to the land of oz!!  Bryan and I took the girls to visit Great Grandma and lots of family we don’t get to see often because of the many miles between us. 

Bryan and I packed up the car and tried our best not to forget anything.  We had warm clothes, pajamas, toothbrushes, snacks, coloring books,  plane tickets and gas in the car.  We were prepared.  We knew where we were going and a good idea what to expect. 

When we got on the airplane I watched Hannah (our almost 4 yr old) happily apply stickers to every surface of her coloring book.  Ava (our two year old) enjoyed the little window going up and down, and up and down and up and down and.... they had not a worry in the world about our trip. 

New Image2 New Image

(not so great pictures taken on the airplane after a long day of travel)

Despite our attempts to explain it they really had no concept that we were traveling several hundred miles away.   They didn’t pack anything, and they did nothing to prepare. 

They didn’t have to check their calendar when we said it was time to go, They just went.  They didn’t worry that they wouldn’t have food, clothing, or a place to sleep that night. 

We have proven ourselves faithful to take care of them.

Sometimes God has an “adventure” planned for us.  And He simply says, “let’s go.”

As silly as it would be for our 2 year old to say, hold on mom, let me check my blackberry to see if I can schedule in this trip.  How silly would it be for me to tell God the same thing?  When God is calling nothing else matters. 

It is hard to trust He has all the details worked out but He does.  “Don’t be afraid little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom.” Luke 12:32-33

In tomorrow’s testimony, a young girl heard God’s call and simply said, Ok God, let’s go! Her story is a NY times best seller!  If you haven’t already, make sure you have Imperfect People delivered to your email or RSS feed so you won’t miss it! 

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Posted on 5. October 2011

I used to be cool


As you can clearly see in this Halloween picture circa 1990 maybe? I was Oh so cool.  I know, I know, the huge yellow bow in my hair and the Halloween tights are pretty amazing.  Don’t be jealous. 

Somewhere between getting older and having kids i officially became un-cool.

My clothing is whatever fits and is on sale. 

I have no problem going places without makeup.

The last party I crashed I showed up (accidently) an hour late and forgot my kid’s shoes.  

My handbags and shoes come from yard sales. 

I often have stickers on my back thanks to my kids. 

The few famous people encounters I have had, are “famous people” no one has heard of.  Although I did walk by Angelina Jolie in NYC.  Oh yea baby.

My cell phone (which wasn’t even a cool phone) recently died after surviving a trip all around town on the top of my car!  Poor phone couldn’t hold on any longer and fell to it’s death less than a mile from home.

Being cool and fitting in was the only thing in the world that mattered as a not so much.

Oh how all of the wrong things mattered so much when I was young and not at all now.  

Dear Hannah and Ava, when you are teenagers please know that you are the ultimate in cool regardless of what the world thinks.  I pray knowing a loving God who thinks you are a rock star is all you need for acceptance. 


I love your comments. Share an “un-cool” moment you have had. 

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Posted on 19. September 2011

Picture Perfect Life

Perfectionism is a moving target.  It looks differently for everyone.  It even changes form considering your stage of life.   Our facebook status is usually about the wonderful day we had at the park being super mom, and the blogs I read are about making perfect meals with 6 kids running around and singing happily all the way. 


As i just got done taking care of my two year old who took off all her clothes and pooped in the bed AGAIN, I realize my life isn’t always a perfect picture. 

Thankfully I know what we “advertise to the world” isn’t always the real us.  We put on our best, talk about our best, and even try to ignore our own flaws. 

I don’t know about you but that is not my REAL LIFE. 

My husband and I sometimes have “discussions” AKA arguments, my desk is usually a mess, and I am not often sitting down doing crafts with my kids either. 

We need to understand that the “perfect picture” we often see online isn’t the whole story (or even the “real” story sometimes). What others choose to show the world is usually the best of their lives (or what they wish their lives looked like and the rest is kept behind closed doors.)

How great it is to hear the words, “I can relate, and i know how you feel.” 

What would happen if we were just HONEST with each other.  Not complaining, just honesty and support for one another.  It is such a relief when I know others don’t have everything figured out either! 

Some of the most powerful stories are people who have walked down a very dark and difficult road, yet God has redeemed it.  What a bummer it would be not to share the miracle God has done!

My encouragement today is to be you! 

The worst that can happen is someone will think they are better than you, and let them have that temporary joy as you know the TRUTH.  God doesn’t judge our outside appearance, he judges our heart.  But more often that not, people will be relived and thank you for your honestly.

When we realize that we’re all just trying to find our way through LIFE together, we can stop comparing and start encouraging.

Share your thoughts.  What do you think?


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Posted on 16. August 2011

Happy Birthday to Ava and Bryan!

Today and tomorrow our family will be celebrating two of my favorite people’s birthday!!

Two years ago today Ava Elizabeth joined our family.  After an extremely easy and short delivery (don’t hate me if yours was not this way) our spunky little girl was born.  As a baby she didn’t sleep well and was as independent as a baby could be.  Now at two she sleeps like a champ, loves to cuddle, and thinks her sister is the greatest person on earth.

We are not sure where the blond hair came from, but in every other way she is the spitting image of her daddy.  Before she was born I didn’t know how I could love another child as much as I love Hannah, but it only took a second for me to realize love has no limits.


IMG_5854 IMG_5900

Tomorrow we celebrate my absolute FAVORITE man’s birthday! 

Bryan is kind...truly kind, hilarious, fun, and the best daddy ever.  He is genuine, trustworthy, and models Jesus to me everyday.  I am so lucky to have him by my side as we do life together!



Happy birthday to you both!

Winners of our last two giveaways are:

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Samantha on the Family Mission Statement poster! 

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Posted on 11. August 2011

Custom Family Mission Statement GIVEAWAY

The most popular giveaway to DATE here at Imperfect People is back with an even BETTER giveaway!!!!  I had to use the thesaurus to let you know how....ecstatic, exultant, and downright delighted I am to tell you about Alexander Creative’s family mission statement! 

Back in February Alexander Creative was kind enough to offer a Family Rules poster giveaway.  It was a big hit and is still one of the most popular viewed pages!  

Today one lucky reader will receive a family mission statement CUSTOMIZED for their family!!!

Every intentional family needs a reminder of what is important now and again.  Family mission statements are all the rage in the blogging world.  You can read about them at:

Passionate Homemaking

Simple Mom

We are that family

Inspired to action

and a host of others I’m sure. 

Why have a mission statement?  Everyday we have a million things we can do with our time.  There are good choices, and then there are the best choices.  A mission statement  helps us to determine what is MOST IMORTANT, and freedom to ignore everything else. 

My husband and I sat down on the couch and listed out all the adjectives we could think of that we want our family to reflect.  He listed several and so did I.  The ones that we felt most important, and the ones we had in common were the words we decided to use in our mission statement. 

I wouldn’t be my imperfect self if I went with the crowd and did a traditional full sentence “statement.”  Alexander Creative came up with this BEAUTIFUL poster designed with just with our key “mission” words

mission statement 


Pretty stinkin cool huh?  I want to invite all my friends over just to stare at it with me.  I am elated over it! (yea I used the thesaurus again).

Don’t have a family mission statement? There are great tips on making your own here! Tags: mission statement,family,faith,christian,parenting
Posted on 27. July 2011

Just being me

I tried to be have a clean house, and then our kids woke up...

IMG_6220 IMG_6217

I tried to be supermom and have game and craft time.   Here is how it turned out...

IMG_6223I tried to be Betty Crocker and make an amazing supper.  And then I decided left-over's sounds way easier. 

I think I will just stick to being me.  It’s way too exhausting trying to pretend to be someone else.  I bet June Cleaver was a complete bore anyway :)

Katie Bulmer (3) Special thinks to Heather Benton photography.  She took these she has an AMAZING testimony....I voted you should read it.