Posted on 13. September 2011

Seeds family worship CD giveaway

Memorizing scripture to the tune of a GOOD, non-cheezy, ROCKIN, song??? Sign me up for that! 

Seeds family worship is a really cool organization of crazy talented artist who sing songs that you want to listen to...PLUS the lyrics are taken straight from scripture!  So you are rocking out AND arming yourself with the word of God!  How cool is that?


Taken from their website:

Seeds Family Worship was planted when worship leader, Jason Houser, was asked to write some songs to help kids remember the verses from his church’s summer Bible school.

Jason began writing songs and singing them for the kids and families at church. The songs were well-crafted, catchy, and taken straight from scripture. Families liked them. . . a lot.

From just a handful of songs, Seeds Family Worship was planted – providing God’s Word set to music for thousands of families all over the world.

Now seeds of worship has grown so much it has just released it’s sixth CD!!

Our girls and I have been rocking out for a week now and I smile from ear to ear when I look in the rear view mirror to see our 3 year old singing and dancing along.  But the music isn’t just for kids.  I listen to it whether they are in the car, or not.  It is seriously just as good, if not better than many of the songs on the radio!  But don’t take my word for it check them out here:

1 Timothy 4:12 “Don’t let anyone look down on your because you are young…”

Psalm 55:22 “Cast Your Cares on the Lord and He will sustain you…”

My friend Bessie is the one who told me about Seeds and this is what she said:

After watching several of their videos on You Tube, right away I was hooked!  I found their home page and began to learn more about them. For every CD you buy, you get another one free to give away! The idea is to plant seeds. Spread the Word. The songs are so good, the group really ROCKS!!

I’ve learned so many scriptures from the 3 CDs we bought, and they stay in my head all day long. What a better way to think about such things and live out Phil. 4:8? I’ve given them for birthday presents, and I think there’s not a better gift to give. Your whole family, kids and adults and teens alike will love the catchy tunes and be learning and focusing on God’s word together! I can’t say enough about what Seed Family Worship has done for my family and I!

PS…Seeds Family Worship will also travel to your church to perform and teach children’s worship leaders how to plant seeds! I hope they come to an area near me soon!

Want to win a CD!!???

There are three ways to enter, you can do one or all three for additional entries:

  1. Just leave a comment below letting me know you would like to win!!
  2. Show the facebook “like” button some love
    Like seeds family worship and or Imperfect People on facebook for additional entries and let me know in your comment. 
  3. Share this giveaway on your facebook or twitter to help plant more SEEDS! 


Contest ends Mon Sept 19

Posted on 11. August 2011

Custom Family Mission Statement GIVEAWAY

The most popular giveaway to DATE here at Imperfect People is back with an even BETTER giveaway!!!!  I had to use the thesaurus to let you know how....ecstatic, exultant, and downright delighted I am to tell you about Alexander Creative’s family mission statement! 

Back in February Alexander Creative was kind enough to offer a Family Rules poster giveaway.  It was a big hit and is still one of the most popular viewed pages!  

Today one lucky reader will receive a family mission statement CUSTOMIZED for their family!!!

Every intentional family needs a reminder of what is important now and again.  Family mission statements are all the rage in the blogging world.  You can read about them at:

Passionate Homemaking

Simple Mom

We are that family

Inspired to action

and a host of others I’m sure. 

Why have a mission statement?  Everyday we have a million things we can do with our time.  There are good choices, and then there are the best choices.  A mission statement  helps us to determine what is MOST IMORTANT, and freedom to ignore everything else. 

My husband and I sat down on the couch and listed out all the adjectives we could think of that we want our family to reflect.  He listed several and so did I.  The ones that we felt most important, and the ones we had in common were the words we decided to use in our mission statement. 

I wouldn’t be my imperfect self if I went with the crowd and did a traditional full sentence “statement.”  Alexander Creative came up with this BEAUTIFUL poster designed with just with our key “mission” words

mission statement 


Pretty stinkin cool huh?  I want to invite all my friends over just to stare at it with me.  I am elated over it! (yea I used the thesaurus again).

Don’t have a family mission statement? There are great tips on making your own here! Tags: mission statement,family,faith,christian,parenting
Posted on 9. August 2011

Happy Birthday Imperfect People!

Imperfect people is officially one year old (cue the confetti)!!! Thank you so much to every precious person who stops by, comments, and subscribes!!!  You guys rock! 

A year in review:

I have said it before but I really and truly have no idea what I am doing.  I can’t even believe it has been a year ago that I had this wild idea.  It seemed everywhere I went I would hear people talking about how they felt they didn’t “measure up.”  I am certainly guilty of feeling this way too so I started to think, “who’s measuring anyway?”  It was then the idea of “Imperfect People in love with a perfect God” was born. 

My first post was just dive in about diving in whether you have all the answers...or not.  And so I did.  And here we are 1 year later! 

It started out as something only my mama read, THANKS MOM!  Now Imperfect People has 130 people reading via email or RSS, 259 people following on twitter, and 263 facebook likes!  Yea yea I know some of these people overlap, and yea yea I know this is nothing in the blogging world but I am just flattered to have more than 10! 

However the goal of this blog will NEVER be about the numbers.  I started out thinking that way and it was a stressful nightmare.  I was seeking my own glory not God’s.  Things have shifted and now I truly feel if everyone in the entire world subscribed I gain nothing.  It is a JOY to do this to make the name of Jesus even more famous.  I am famous to my heavenly father and that is all i will ever need

My only goal is to share what God is teaching me and to provide a platform for people to share their testimonies.  (So if God has done something amazing in your life and you would like to share it here, email me!

Well what’s a birthday without a present right?   It’s giveaway time!  Thanks to your suggestions for a slogan on our facebook page (thanks Ophelia!)  Catalyst Innovations made up these awesome shirts!  It’s also long overdue that I thank Jennifer for designing the logo! 





They will be for sale for $15 and 50% of ALL proceeds go to charity.  The majority of the time it will be International Justice Mission but that may change as I am all the time hearing about amazing ministries that I would love to support. 

But today TWO PEOPLE get one for FREE. 

Just leave a comment below with your feedback about this site.  Whether it’s your first time or you are a subscriber  I would love to know how to make Imperfect People better.  What do you like, what don’t you like?  What would you like to see more or less?  I cherish your feedback good or bad. 

Thank you Perfectly Imperfect People for making the first year so fun!  Put your arms out because I am giving you a GREAT BIG E-HUG!!! SQUEEEEEZEEEE!! Tags: imperfect,christian,blog
Posted on 25. July 2011

Free Crazy Love Book

If you know me personally, then you know I am a walking advertisement for the book Crazy Love.  Or if you have read this blog before you have heard me talk about the way his book rocked my world here and here.

I have read the book twice and it literally changed my life. 

Pre-Crazy love I easily subscribed to the surface Christianity that I saw everywhere. I knew there was something more to the Christian life  but I didn’t know what it was.  Francis Chan opened my eyes to the....well...CRAZY LOVE our father has for us.  He desirers more than surface Christianity from us not just for Him but for us to truly experience what life is all about! 

Jesus came to give us life and give it to the fullest,  Unfortunately many Christians are stuck in “good enough” when an abundant, CRAZY LOVE is waiting to sweep them off their feet! 

My friend Amanda just let me know the publisher is giving the book away for FREE!!  The only catch is hurry because it is a “while supplies last kind of deal”

So click here and get a free book!  That’s it!  No strings attached.  I hope it rocks your world too! 


Posted on 23. June 2011

Dayspring store $20 giftcard GIVEAWAY

Over at (in)courage, one of my favorite sites, the theme this month is “encouragement is a powerful thing.”  I absolutely love this simple yet profound truth. 

It is amazing what happens when we intentionally take the time to let others know how much they mean to us.

To help spread ENCOURAGMENT to the world (in)courage is giving several lucky bloggers a gift that speaks ENCOURAGMENT (am I saying the word encouragement enough for you?).  I was fortunate enough to get the child of God light box!


I love this light box because it serves more than one purpose.  It rests in the nursery serving as a night light, decoration, and inspiration.

Want to WIN a $20 shopping spree to the Day Spring store to buy this or anything else you want?  Well I’m glad you asked because Day Spring is offering a giveaway! 

There are three choices of ways to enter this giveaway (you only have to do one but you are welcome to do all 3):

  1. Subscribe, like, or follow Imperfect People and leave a comment to let me know you did.  Already follow?  Just leave a comment letting me know you follow and would like to enter this giveaway.
  2. Check out the Day Spring store and comment what you would get with your $20 gift certificate. 
  3. Share this on your facebook or twitter and leave a comment to let me know you did. 


Now go spread some encouragement today!

Contest ends Monday June 27th at 6am EST

Disclosure: I was provided with this piece of wall art from DaySpring at no charge to facilitate this review. All thoughts and opinions stated are my own.

Posted on 18. May 2011

Simplicity Parenting and the freedom of LESS

 Featured at Sorta Crunchy, the Greenbacks girl, Life renewed, and a Delightful home

If ever there has been a book on parenting that has revolutionized the way I view our children’s environment, it is this one.  If ever there was a book I wish everyone parent could read, it is this one.   I was completely blinded by our culture of MORE, MORE, MORE and CLUTTER, CLUTTER, CLUTTER!  My kids need the best toys, tons of choices and new things often right??

Kim Jon Payne author of simplicity parenting says that is not the case.  He has done study after study of families who DRASTICALLY cut down on the amount of toys, clutter, busyness, and screen time.  The results?  Among other things, children with A.D.D. who no longer need medicine and siblings who play together better and fight over toys less. 

He makes the compelling point that it wasn’t until the past 50 years that toys were even available for purchase outside of Christmas time. Now toys are for purchase at the grocery store, and even the gas station.  Toys are given for every occasion and no occasion at all.  Our children feel entitled.  As a small child looking up to the mountain of toys they become overwhelmed with choices and the result reaction is stress.  Entitled stressed out children can’t help but to behave selfishly, jittery, and unmanageable. 

I have always been frustrated with clutter and a desire to do something about it.  This book certainly put me over the a good way.  We had a yard sale this  past weekend where we cut down at least 70% of all toys.  We also created a toy “library” as suggested in the book where several toys are put in boxes in the attic and will be rotated with others on a periodic basis. 

A large portion of their toys were broken or missing parts and many of them were overlooked in the sheer volume of choices.  The results?  It hasn’t quite been a week but my kids haven’t missed a thing!    They still have their most loved toys and I have certainly not missed less clutter to clean up a the end of the day. 

There is only so much square footage in our home.  I much prefer it to be open with room to play instead of packed with unloved items.

It is such an overwhelming feeling of freedom to have LESS STUFF weighing you down!  I am on a roll!  We have shelf and closet space I thought I would never see empty. My husband is thankfully totally on board and we have helped each other decide what is worth keeping and what is not. 

The new rule?  When an item comes into the home, something else goes out.  It really helps us to decide if the new item is or isn’t worth bringing home.

Simplcity Parenting also has super helpful tips on how to create “rhythm” in your home by creating schedules and routines. 

I love your feedback.  How do you simplify in your home? 

Simplicity Parenting (book cover)

* Update.  It has been several months now since I first published this book.  My kids still have never missed a single toy that is gone. And the toy library is amazing!  Every few months they get "all new toys" (from the attic!) and then I fill up the two bins with some old toys..that will soon be new again! 

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Posted on 11. May 2011

Strength in Numbers: Finding the New Perfect Through Teamwork

Guest post By Becky Beaupre Gillespie and Hollee Schwartz Temple.  Authors, Good Enough Is the New Perfect: Finding Happiness and Success in Modern Motherhood

Good enough is the new perfect

Important lesson of the New Perfect: When we team up and support each other, we’re often stronger than the sum of our parts.

But, of course, we must be willing to ask for help — and to ignore the voices that tell us that we must do everything ourselves. This is a secret that we heard repeatedly from the most successful working moms we interviewed for Good Enough Is the New Perfect: Finding Happiness and Success in Modern Motherhood (Harlequin Nonfiction, April 2011).

Our data showed us this, too: The women who were happiest and most satisfied were the same ones who were most willing to delegate responsibility and say “no.”

Teamwork is a big part of success.

Case in point: Becky once found herself on the winning team in a trivia contest despite not knowing most of the answers. Sure, she knew which country manufactures a car called the “Holden” — but only because she’d once dented a car of that very make while attempting to parallel park in the suburbs of Sydney. In fact, although all her teammates were quite knowledgeable in many areas, most, like Becky, knew only a few answers off the tops of their heads. Their real power came from pooling their knowledge and brainstorming. In the “foodie” category, for instance, most team members could list three of the four ingredients in pesto — but when they compared lists, they had the entire recipe.

As co-authors, we experience the power of partnership regularly when one of us writes and the other edits and the end result winds up being better than what either of us would have done alone. We often feel the force of collaborative potential when we see savvy women gathering in one place, and the flow of ideas is so great that we can barely write fast enough to record every bit of inspiration. This happened at the roundtable discussion we conducted for Good Enough Is the New Perfect, the transcript of which is included at the back of the book. Ideas build and grow when we share — and, yes, even when we disagree — and we all wind up with more.

Often, we are tempted to do things on our own because it seems like less of a hassle or because we’re reluctant to compromise. Or, sometimes, because we just don’t want to ask for help. “I’ll just take care of it myself,” can be a dangerous phrase. Martyrdom rarely works out well in the end.

The New Perfect is a path paved by our willingness to work together and ask for help; simply put, there’s strength in numbers. After all — how often do any of us have all the answers on our own?

Becky and Hollee’s new book, Good Enough Is the New Perfect: Finding Happiness and Success in Modern Motherhood, is available at . They blog about parenting and work/life balance at


good enough book

Winner will be chosen at random.  Contest ends at midnight May 15th. Tags: imperfection