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Imperfect People - Imperfect People in love with a perfect God

Do what is right in your own eyes….really?

There is the crazy bible story that takes place in Judges that is seriously “stranger than fiction” (Judges 19-21) I’m listening to the current sermon series on this by Andy Stanley and it it blows my mind how stinking relevant it is to our day and time.  I just can’t get over it!

But here is the gist:

In those days there was no king in Israel; each person did what they thought to be right Judges 21:25

They were living in a day and time where there was no King in the land who they depended on for moral authority.  So people were left to themselves to govern what was right or wrong in their own eyes.

They all lived by the philosophy of, “Do what feels good, No consequences” Hmmm seem at all like a culture we live in today?


Today popular songs on iTunes have lyrics like:

I crashed my car into the bridge.
I don’t care, I love it.

Commercials for upcoming shows have a couple in the bed together with no clothes and the man asks, “What’s your name again?” And the audience laughs.

God is pushed out of our schools, our government, and in many homes.

Do what you want it’s all fun and games…no consequences.  This is what our culture is preaching.  But does it look like it is working?

  • The average US household credit card debt stands at $15,216 
  • The majority of marriages end in divorce
  • U.S. teen pregnancy and birth rates are nearly double Canada’s, at least four times those of France and Germany, and more than eight times that of Japan.
  • Abuse of tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drugs is costly to our Nation, exacting over $600 billion annually in costs related to crime, lost work productivity and healthcare source

I don’t know about you but I think having a “KING” doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.  Yes we have a president but…it doesn’t really count as the same type of KING.   Nobody likes to be told what to do but I think it’s pretty obvious having no rules (God) is not a good alternative.

God gave us the Bible not just as a rule book because he wants us to stay in line, but because He loves us too much to let us live in the mass chaos of a nation that does what is right in our own eyes.   And too much of a gentleman to force his rules on us.

Would we be okay with no traffic laws?  Would I be okay letting my kids eat lollipops every night for dinner? NO

Then why in the world have we come to a point where we are so pretentious we think we know better than the God that put us here?  

Father forgive us for what we have become…lead us back to ONE NATION UNDER GOD.  Where we realize our place and are thankful for your leadership.


All changes start with the (wo)man in the mirror so today I am realizing my own eyes are not only not very good at, but not even capable of determining what is best for me.  Father you are in control…not me.  The quicker I get this whole, “You are God and I am not thing down.”  The better off we will all be.

Teaser: Right In The Eye from North Point Online on Vimeo.

10 things I wish I could tell all single ladies (well all women really)

I lead a college girls bible study. They are beautiful and precious young girls. As we met last week I couldn’t help but remember these ladies are all someone’s daughter.  Now that we have our own two girls I know what that kind of love is like.

Then I thought of our heavenly father And how much he loves every girl, all of his daughters!  Daughters of the one true King!


But we, as women, forget this. We think we are not good enough.

We live in a sick and twisted culture. Sex and relationships are cheap, easy, and we pretend like there are no strings attached. Casual sex is laughed off on sitcoms and movies. Photo-shoped images of “perfect” women are all over websites and magazines. Women are left confused. We end up jumping through hoops trying to be the prettiest, dress the best, or say and do the right things to catch a man’s eye.

If I could tell all young women (well all women actually) a few things, it would be this:

1) You are the daughter of a KING. I believe that makes you a princess.   With great care and intention the creator of the stars, flowers, rain, and the moon also made you.  Nothing was a mistake.  Everything about you is a work of art.

2) Yes even you
To everyone who read #1 and thought, well that doesn’t apply to me. Yes it does.


3) Imagine yourself as a rare and precious jewel..because well you are. When it comes to dating, ask yourself, “Does this guy deserve a date with a rare and precious jewel?” Does he treat you like you are a daughter of God? Do not underestimate your worth!

4)Are you the person you are looking for…is looking for?
Do you act like you believe you are royalty?  Most of my single friends say they want a man who is a spiritual leader. One who is seeking after Christ even more than he is seeking her. The only problem is they are looking for him in a bar while they are sloppy drunk.  A spiritual leader is looking for a girl who is also seeking God.
A woman’s heart should be so close to God that man has to seek God to find her.

5)Help a guy out
We know from research (and from asking any guy) that men are visual. Marketing knows this well by putting half naked women to sell their product. Dressing modestly not only makes you appear more respectful, it also helps the guys who are trying to guard their eyes. I know as women we think nothing of a low cut shirt or barley there shorts but men think about it…a LOT. Help them to keep their mind’s pure and help yourself by leaving something to the imagination.

6) Be careful about making marriage/relationships your idol
If you find yourself doing things you wouldn’t normally do or questioning what you always thought was wrong, then you have an idol. Ladies, PLEASE realize your worth in Christ before you try to let a guy define your worth for you.

7) He can’t be all things. From an early age we are taught a man will bring us our, “happily ever after.” Not only is that untrue, it is unfair. No man can carry that kind of burden. You should get your fulfillment in Christ. He is the ONLY thing that will TRULY complete you (i.e. my favorite story EVER in the bible) Finding the right guy can compliment you but not complete you (sorry Jerry McGuire).

8) It’s more than “just sex” Culture tells us that sex is just physical. Yet everyone who has had sex outside of marriage is left with emotional scars and we wonder why it turned out to be way more than just physical. Everyone pretends like it doesn’t hurt but we are designed to become one with just one. Deep down we all know it is more than just physical. This is why it would be better to be beat up than raped.

God tells us that sex outside of marriage is different than any other sin. Not because he judges harder or loves you any less but because He knows how deeply it scars.

1Corinthians 6:18 There’s more to sex than mere skin on skin. Sex is as
much spiritual mystery as physical fact. As written in Scripture, “The two become one.” Since we want to become spiritually one with the Master, we
must not pursue the kind of sex that avoids  commitment and intimacy,
leaving us more lonely than ever—the kind of sex that can never “become
 one.” There is a sense in which sexual sins are different from all others. In sexual sin we violate the sacredness of our own bodies, these bodies
that were made for God-given and  God-modeled love, for “becoming one” with another. Or didn’t you realize that your body is a sacred place, the place of the Holy Spirit? Don’t you see that you can’t live however you please, squandering what God paid such a high price for? The physical part of you
is not some piece of property belonging to the spiritual part of you. God
owns the whole works. So let people see God in and through your body. 

9)“Try it before you buy it” is ridiculous.
I would like to buy a billboard in every major city that says this:
Sex does not require practice. 

100 out of 100 people would rather hear from their future spouse , “Here is all of me, for all of you” instead of “I am a sex expert”


Sex is fragile and powerful. Just like a fire, it is beautiful in my fireplace, where it belongs. but in the middle of my living room it is destructive and leaves permanent damage.

10)If you have made bad choices in the past, today is a new day. Start today KNOWING the FACT that in Christ you have a clean slate. You can have a fresh start. Psalm 103:12 says just as far as the east is from the west he has separated us from our sin. You DON’T have to be who you used to be. Anyone who is in Christ is a new creation. 2 Cor 5:17. Leave that old person behind and be who God created you to be.

Whether you think this is old fashioned. whether you think this is good for me but not for you, that’s ok, but the outcome and consequences are always the same. It’s not a matter of preference, it’s a matter of design.


You were designed for something so much greater than what our culture has told you.  You are a work of art, formed to show the love of Christ, a relentless, unconditional selfless love to your perfect mate.  One person.  Protect your heart and your body.  You deserve to experience love the way God intended.

Please check out my inspiration for much of this and arguablly one of the best sermons series ever below.
New Rules for Love Sex and Dating by Andy Stanley 

It’s fun to stay at the Y.M.C.K???

On our ride home the other day our 5 year old started singing, “YMCK” complete with the (wrong) hand motions.

Like any good parent I realize the significance and importance of teaching our children the CORRECT way to sing this disco classic lest you be the crazy person at wedding receptions doing it wrong.  So I jumped in, “No it’s actually, “YMCA, like this see?”


I expected, “oh well clearly, you are older, wiser, and such an incredible dancer (ok maybe not that part) then you surly know the correct version of the song, thanks oh wise mother of mine for your guidance.” …or something like that.

But instead she was INSISTENT that it was Y.M.C.K.  Now several days later she is still 100% sure her version is correct.  Happy to sing the song incorrectly while dancing across the living room floor.

It occurred to me…this is so me and God.  Time and time again I say, “no my life should look like this God”  I can think of times in my past especially when I was young when I thought:

I SHOULD have got that job GOD!!
Me and this guy should have worked out!!
I don’t want to move Or I want to move.
I know what is best!!!

And I can see God, knowing the correct way my life should go, knowing what is best and how crazy my life would be if I “sang the wrong lyrics”  Just smiling…Yes honey that’s one way to “sing” but I know the best way.

I bet I seem a little ridiculous when I am insistent I know what is best.  I have a limited vantage point,  limited resources, brain power etc etc…. yet in my stubbornness I can STILL become convinced my way is best.

There have been many times where I have cried, and fought it, yet God’s way won out in the end.  I don’t know why I am ever surprised but His way is ALWAYS better, ALWAYS perfect, and ALWAYS necessary.

Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship.  Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.
Romans 12:1-2

Today she sang “homie” instead of “holy” to her seeds family worship CD I’m not gonna lie I thought it was kinda funny but, I should probably correct her before her sunday school teacher starts asking her to rap.

Just like the song lyrics our father knows SO MUCH better than we do.  He is fully capable and fully aware of what is best for your life, we just have to let go of our way (it’s usually wrong anyway) and trust in His.



In defense of Miley and other teen stars

I spent the last week trying to ignore the Miley Cyrus circus at the VMA’s.  But everywhere I look or listen there she is.


(Picture source)
A crazy awful performance that left everyone appalled.  Just like in the 80’s when Madonna danced around in a wedding outfit singing “like a virgin” Just like when Brittney spears performed half awake shortly before shaving her head.



(Brittany picture source) (Madonna picture source) 

I try to stay away from controversy but I can’t help but notice…when did everyone become so insanely tremendously Judgmental??!!

As a society we want EXPECT these starts to be:

  • Pretty but not over the top
  • Talented but not vain
  • They should be “moral” but we all define that differently
  • Skinny but not too skinny
  • Heaven forbid if they get fat
  • Perfect bod, perfect makeup, and dress

If they mess up any of the above it will be on 10 magazine covers, 200 gossip sites, millions of facebook updates and the topic of the morning talk shows.

If I had that kind of pressure at the age of 20, I think I would shave my head too.

Now hear me out.  I am not saying this is a cop out.  I wish everyone in the spot light new the gravity of their behavior as young minds try to model them. But unfortunately fame doesn’t come with instructions and I’m not sure anyone would obey them anyway.

There are girls Miley’s age dancing scantly at bars on any given weekend Miley just has a MUCH larger audience.  They are both just looking for love and attention in the wrong places.

Can we  extend some love and acceptance knowing that she is made for so much more??  Who am I to point out her not so fabulous performance?  Yes I thought it was awful but she has 2 of the top 10 hits on itunes so people can’t be that appalled.

Here’s the deal, we all do stupid things (especially at 20 years old).  I want to be friends with Miley, Brittany, and “you fill in the blank star”.  And tell them they are LOVED.  They are made with great purpose. and they are worth more than cheap attention.

The buzz of this performance will soon  pass but I hope she hears the message of love over hate.  While we certainly don’t like her performance we love her as a human being.  She is still God’s little princess made perfectly imperfect Her value in the world’s eyes is so temperamental and fleeting.  I pray someone close to her will show her her amazing and priceless worth in God’s eyes knowing she is a precious jewel meant for so much more than what the world offers.


I wannabe a weirdo

We are all subject to peer pressure whether we admit it or not.  But when your peers are doing some questionable things its time to go against the grain.  Here is a snapshot of our typical “normal” peer in America:

According to the Mortgage Bankers Association, at least 8 million Americans are at least one month behind on their mortgage payments at this point.

Average household debt in the United States has now reached a level of 136% of average household income.  In China, average household debt is only 17% of average household income.

Back in 1965, only one out of every 50 Americans was on Medicaid.  Today,one out of every 6 Americans is on Medicaid.

The average US household credit card debt stands at $15,216 

Average mortgage debt: $148,443

Average student loan debt: $32,054 (source)

Of all countries, the United States has the highest rate of obesity. From 13% obesity in 1962, to 35.7% in 2010 (source)

55 percent of all marriages result in divorce. (source)

Research indicates that people who live together prior to getting married are more likely to have marriages that end in divorce. ” The Boston Herald

The average American spends 2.7 hours a day watching TV (source)

“More than ever before, work dominates people’s lives in this country” –Joanne B. Ciulla,

One-third of children age 8 – 17 believe their parent has been always or often worried or stressed out about things during the past month.


If the average “normal” American is financially upside down, unhealthy, overworked, in a bad relationship and stressed out…then I don’t think being normal sounds so fun.

Craig Groschel wrote a book (I highly recommend) called “Weird because normal isn’t working” that states, “when people describe his family as weird, he finds comfort.”  I couldn’t agree more.

The bible tells us: If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. John 15:19

“If the world hates you, be aware that it hated me first”.-Jesus

Living differently sometimes results in criticism.  Going with the crowd can be so easy that being “weird” requires seeking correct guidance and it isn’t always  the easiest route.  I don’t want our family to be a statistic.  I want us to be…well…weird.  

I want to be so WEIRD I save up to buy things and delay gratification instead of buying on credit.

I want to such a WEIRDO that I could stand living with less if it means I can have less stress and more time with my family.

I want to be the WEIRD family that guards the media that comes into our home.

I want to be so WEIRD that I eat food whose ingredients I can pronounce.

I want so be so WEIRD that I take INTENTIONAL time with my husband so we can still be in love years after the, “I do.”

And I want so be criticized for saying NO to something good so I can say YES to something great.

What do you think about all this weird talk.  Are you a weirdo too?

How the poor can give great riches

Embarrassingly enough until a few months ago I didn’t really know anyone who was poor.  I couldn’t give you a single name of someone who was on food stamps and I used to think it was all their fault somehow anyway.

When we had extra stuff I would donate to any organization that would conveniently take it off my hands.   This is not wrong…but I knew something was missing.  Jesus doesn’t just suggest caring for the poor if we are rich or have tons of free time, He commands it (over 100 times actually). 

Writing a check or dumping a bunch of stuff off is still very good, but seeing a face, knowing a story, sharing a burden, and getting involved in a life…is a TOTAL GAME CHANGER.

Our family has had the pleasure of getting involved in our local homeless ministry.  It started out just by cleaning and organizing but it has grown to more be a blessing more than I could ever imagine.

My eyes have been opened to SOOOO stinking much.   There are people living in poverty all around us no matter where you live.  We picture homeless as people living in a box on the street but in reality many are living wherever they can find a roof for the night.

The thing is..when you are poor the roof you probably find is a home filled with drugs, violence or both.   How do you get a job if you don’t have a place to shower, or nice clothes to wear, or even a computer?  How do you get a good enough job if you don’t have an education? How do you get kids to daycare if you don’t have a car?  How do afford day care if you don’t have a job?  The mountain is just too high to climb.

If you are poor you don’t know anyone with anything EXTRA to help you out  and you certainly don’t know anyone with any means to help you get a better life for yourself.

And that is where it occurred to me there is a problem.

IMG_1987I went to church one Sunday morning and couldn’t help notice all the expensive cars in the parking lot and fancy way people were dressed (including me) and I felt a serious weight on my chest.  I had never noticed it before until I knew a mom with two kids who didn’t know where they would sleep that night.

Making over $30,000 a year puts me in the top 18% of the worlds wealthiest people.  Not only am I rich with money but I am FILTHY rich with resources. I know business owners that can offer jobs, I know people who have extra cars, we have an extra room, I can help provide transportation, childcare, and even wash a load of clothes!

I feel like my eyes have been opened to a whole new world of people I (embarrassingly enough) never even noticed before.  I was missing so much! Yes there are people out there that just want hand outs but that is just a stereo-type.   There are LOTS of people who just need to know someone who can help.

I have no idea why I was born into such a wonderful family and have always had everything I need and why some are born into poverty but I understand now why Jesus said:

“From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.” Luke 12:48

My encouragement to you is to get involved with a local ministry and truly get to know someone that the world considers “poor.”

“Am I afraid?? I am much more afraid of being comfortable”-Katie Davis 

Yes it is uncomfortable at first…yes I was worried for my safety at first  But I have yet to meet someone I would consider dangerous.  I have only met beautiful people who just need a little help.

somebodyHow to get involved:  Almost every city large or small has some type of ministry to the poor and or homeless.  The hardest part is calling to see how you can help.  Practical needs are taking kids to the park, helping prepare meals, and mostly just getting to know them.  Every person has a unique story and every person in need is made in God’s image just as much as you and I. You will be amazed at what God can do when status walls are broken down.

Here is what you can expect to happen:  Your needs become so-much-less, your complaints become zero and the part that will change your life forever is when you get to help put the hope back into a hopeless situation.

Imperfect “Quiet time”

Every Christian I have ever met gives them self a guilt trip for not having a proper or frequent “quiet time”.  I think we somehow think if the earth doesn’t shake and our bible doesn’t levitate while praying then we didn’t do it right.

I certainly feel  a little inadequate discussing a subject of how to grow in your relationship with the God of the entire universe. So don’t take this as a “how to guide” rather than just what works for one imperfect girl.

My quiet time has taken many forms.  I have learned which ways I learn best, and in which ways just put me to sleep.  In this stage of life my ideal quiet time looks like this:

First let me say the holy bible app has been the best thing that ever happend to my quiet time.  I will talk more about that in a second but if you don’t have that on any “Smart gadget” get it!

holy bible app

Get up, head to the kitchen for a bowl of cereal (yes I eat before I do anything else)  I bring my cereal to the couch where the house is still quiet.  I have the “holy bible” app on my phone.  I read the verse of the day (provided by the app) and write it in my journal.  I repeat it a few times, write anything I feel God telling me through this.  Often I write a prayer for what is on my mind and mostly WHAT I AM THANKFUL FOR.  I then sit in silence a few minuets just marinating on this.

After the kids have woken up, eaten breakfast and happy with a cartoon, I listen to the audio version of the “multiply reading plan” (also on the bible app) by David Platt and Francis Chan I can listen to it from my phone while I get dressed and ready.  The audio feature on this is app is, my friends, AWESOMENESS.

Not only do I learn so much more LISTENING to such a good story teller, but I can also listen while driving or folding clothes, putting on makeup, or any other mundane task.


And lastly, On the way to pre-school, the kids and I sing (at the top of our lungs) YOU MAKE BEAUTIFUL THINGS by gungor.

This happens on ideal mornings.  Not every morning.   This is also just what works for this stage of life.  It wasn’t too long ago I was up all night with a baby and waking up even 30 seconds earlier than I had to was completely out of the question.

On days where I have stayed up too late or in a crazy rush, I can still listen to the audio version of the bible in the car.  Listening/reading scripture really does have a way of setting the mood of the day.

At a bare minimum, when I can do nothing else, I sing a few song lyrics (in my head less anyone runs in terror) of this song that just permeates everything I am passionate about.   These are they lyrics from a part of Hillsong’s Hoseanna song:

Heal my heart and make it clean
Open up my eyes to the things unseen
Show me how to love like you have loved me
Break my heart for what breaks yours

Everything I am for your kingdom’s cause
As I walk from earth into eternity

If I could have theme music I would want it to be this.  Repeating this as my “mantra” helps me to live up to my theme music.

In different stages of life and in different context our time with God may look differently.  Sometimes it is just sitting outside and marveling at his creativity, making a list of all of our blessings,  CHOOSING to be happy when circumstances are less than ideal, or journaling our prayers.

The short of the story is this:  Studying God’s word is absolutely important, sharing life and being built up by other believers is absolutely important.  But the intimacy that comes from just you and God, together with no one else around is incomparable.

God is not one of guilt or to-do lists.  He is a God of relationships.  More than a 3 hour bible study, a long and eloquent prayer,  or even serving others, he just wants you.

What does your “imperfect quiet time” look like.  What works best for you?

10 great reasons to start a garden this year

So you want to have a garden but need a little extra motivation to get started this year? Spring is here and if you ever thought about gardening now is the time to get started.

I compiled the top 10 reasons to get out there, get digging, and grow your own produce this year!

  1. Cost/Savings:  The average family with a vegetable garden spends just $70 a year on it and grows an estimated $600 worth of vegetables.  (source)  Thats a 850% return on your investment!! Try getting that at the bank!


Today I have the privilege of guest posting for one of my favorite bloggers.  To see the rest of this post please follow me today over to remodeling this life.  

 Come join the garden chat and please feel free to ask any gardening questions! 

Shopping ethically made easy and affordable: In it to end it

Today has been declared Shine A Light On Slavery Day by End It Movement.
To help bring awareness I am reposting this from the archive.  This post gives practical advice on how you can shop ethically.  


As long as I can remember I have been a bargain shopper.  My mom taught me to shop for bathing suits in the September and winter coats in May.  I have never been a stranger to the clearance racks or couponing.

But here I am in turmoil over my purchases.  I am realizing there is so much more to consider than just a good deal.

A quote from the the social justice handbook:

Everyday we are confronted by challenging societal problems, from poverty and institutional racism to AIDS and homelessness.  It can all seem so overwhelming.  But while none of us can do everything, all of us can do something. 

If I were to ask you if you wanted to support a company that had slave labor you would, of course, say no.  But unfortunately every time we make a purchase we “vote” for what we think are acceptable company practices.

There are an estimated 27 million slaves at work today.  More than ever before.  Many slaves are working hard to produce the food we buy and the clothes we wear.  With raised awareness customers are starting to make wiser choices by supporting companies committed to ethical treatment of their workers.

The good news is there are very easy, practical and yes, even FRUGAL ways to shop ethically.

Scan before you buy

free 2 work

Free2Work is a really cool company that grades companies on a scale of “A” to “F” based on supply chain transparency, code of conduct, response to child and forced labor, and overall efforts to empower workers. Plus they have a free app that lets you easily search for companies making your “research” a snap!

Good Guide is a similar company only the also grade the company on it’s health and environmental impact.  They have a free ap that lets you scan the barcode!

Had I been a little wiser the last time i bought shoes I would not have bought Sketchers, who have a grade F, and would have looked at maybe some Adidas, or Nikes who have a grade A (Nike’s have come a long way!  Go Nike!).

Buy Second Hand


I’m a big fan of second hand shopping. Yard sales, thrift stores, and hand me downs are all fabulous ways to “shop”.

When you buy something second hand the damage from the store (and factory) has already been made.  Second hand shopping means you are supporting a local family yard sale, a church fund raiser, or a charity like goodwill or salvation army.  Plus who doesn’t get excited about a super cute pair of jeans for $1!

Buy in bulk 

Equal Exchange is a wonderful organization that offers a coop for buying fair trade, ethical products and very reasonable prices.  Go in with a few friends to split an order or just store your own olive oil, bananas, nuts and coffee.

Buy local and or handmade

Locally grown food, handmade items or items made right in your own town not only have character and are better for you, they also DON’T carry with it a story of forced labor and unethical treatment.

Etsy is a great place to find homemade…everything!

Our dollars really are the loudest voice we have.  When we stop supporting shady practices, companies change.   Let us LIVE the gospel with our dollars and “vote” yes to companies that are practicing good ethics.

Share your thoughts on all this! Anyone have any tips on how you shop ethical? Tags: fair trade,christian,Shopping

To the me 10 years ago

I just read this book, “What Alice forgot”  The quick summary is this: The main character, Alice,  falls, hits her head, and when she wakes up she thinks she is 10 years younger.  She doesn’t even know the children she had in the past 10 years,  and mostly she doesn’t even know herself.   Her relationships, choices, and lifestyle are completely foreign to her.

The book is fiction but it certainly made me think.  What if the me, 10 years ago woke up in my life today.  Would she like what she saw?  Would she be happy with the choices I made?  10 Years ago I had just graduated college.  I was not yet married and, in retro spec, my life was very self centered.

That’s me in the orange sweater 10 years ago with my 3 best buds.


I can imagine the old me would be absolutely shocked to find out:

-You no longer shop just to shop….like ever.  Actually you kinda hate it now.
-You have no idea what is going on in pop culture
-You go in public with no make up and yoga pants and think nothing of it
-You cook.  And no longer just as a means of survival but you actually enjoy it
-You have a garden….no really to do.  You even teach gardening classes.  Nuts right?
-You just made a batch of homemade lotion.  I know you probably just fell over in shock with that… but for real.  It turned out quite nice too.  Recipe here. 

Ok old me I know you think I have become a complete and total domestic hippy.  But I have also learned a lot in 10 years.  Here’s a few life lessons I wish I could have told the younger me:


-Stop trying so hard! Sheesh I am exhausted remembering how hard you worked to make everyone love you.  It’s an impossible task!   The people that do love you know the real you.  And the real you isn’t so bad.

-Related…stop being so insecure.  You will one day have this crazy thing called a blog where you will talk about how everyone is created perfectly imperfect… after a while you start to truly believe this.

-There were so many little things that worried you.  You have come a LONG way with your worry.  The biggest lesson is LIFE IS TEMPORARY.  We are never promised tomorrow so enjoy the current moment and don’t let worry steal it away. 

-Enjoy the time with your husband before you have kids. You will find it comical that you ever thought life was busy before them.  

-When you are a new mom and you are worried like crazy every decision you make will impact your children for the rest of their life…GIVE YOURSELF GRACE.  Children are resilient.  They grow by your model more than your teaching.  And mostly…they are God’ s children first.  Lean on his teaching more than the latest trendy parenting advice.   

-Listen to those that have been there and done that.  They have really good advice.  And by the way…you don’t know everything.  

-With your time and your money, invest in stuff that LASTS

– And lastly…Don’t be afraid to do big things.  You only get one chance at this whole thing called life.   

I am curious to see what the me in the next 10 years would think of the me today.  I wonder what advice she would give.  I wonder what I am doing today that will positively and negatively affect my life then?

Only time will tell.

Does this make you think?  What would you tell the you 10 years ago?