Grit and Glory Alece Ronzino’s story

Today’s post is from Alece Ronzino.  She is in the middle of the biggest Plan B of her life, enduring infidelity, divorce, and the loss of her ministry in Africa. Now she’s rediscovering what faith really is, trusting God to redeem the broken pieces of her life and make something beautiful out of her ashes. Alece blogs candidly about the grit and glory of her journey. Mostly grit. Here is her story:

My husband’s heart walked out first, when he chose to begin an affair with my friend. The rest of him followed 18 months later as he filed for divorce.

I’ve grieved so much loss in the past several years. Loss of my husband. My marriage. My home. My ministry. My identity. My dreams.

I’ve bounced between denial, anger, depression, anxiety—sometimes all in the course of one day. I’ve cried. I’ve cursed. I’ve questioned. I’ve surrendered. I’ve taken back. I’ve begged. I’ve raised my hands and closed my eyes and said absolutely nothing.

And through the din of my own heart noise, I hear God’s whispered promise of wholeness. Nothing missing. Nothing broken. Life as it was meant to be.

He is making all things new in me. Not just fixing them. Not repairing, rebuilding, or even renewing. He is redeeming. And making me new.

But some days, I feel far from that redemption. My husband’s choices left me completely broken. I struggle with feeling unlovable and undesirable. Not enough. Not worth fighting for. More replaceable than keepable.

I hate that it’s easier for me to believe the lies of man than the truth of God.

God tells me that I’m enough, lovable, worthy… just as I am.

And I want to believe Him above all else.

I take heart knowing that God isn’t done with my story yet. He’s still writing. And He is the perfect author. He needs no editor. He needs no second draft, no backspace. He writes it perfectly the first time.

And He always finishes what He starts.

No abandoned writing projects. No half-hearted attempts. He is writing my story all the way to the end.

And that gives me hope, even on my darkest days.

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Community gardening: how to make a difference

Community gardens are coming up everywhere.  Typically community gardens take an area that was once abandoned or an eye sore and transform it into a beautiful and edible addition to the community.   As if that wasn’t a good enough reason, community gardens also stimulate social interaction, beautify an area, and even reduce crime!

Our local branch of Keep America Beautiful did a really cool community garden at a local nursing home.

The residents loved it, it encouraged community,and it provided free organic healthy food!  We are currently working on doing one for the local food bank too woo hoo!

My friend Megan has been talking a lot about community over at one of my favorite  blogs: Sorta Crunchy.

We all have talents, skills, or know how that others in our community need.  I have a friend that is an AMAZING cook, me…not so much.  But I can make stuff grow and her…not so much (although she does better than she gives herself credit)  So I grow it and she cooks it…PERFECT!!

If you are a gardener and wanting to make a difference in your community your local KAB is a good place to start.  It’s also a good place to volunteer to learn more about gardening too!  Great American Clean up is coming up, the perfect time to start a community garden!

I’ll be doing a Q&A tomorrow to close out our week of “cheap and easy gardening for the rest of us”  Leave a comment about any of your gardening questions you would like answered!